Monday, July 13, 2009

August's 99 cent Sale!

August sale is already over and seemed to be a big hit! We are already getting ready for September's Sale.. vote for your favorite!

This August we will wave goodbye to the warm, sunny weather with a salute to the scents of the season. Country Berry, Lavender, Dreamsicle, Island Coconut, or Cherry Lemonade - which one says summer to you? What do you want to hold on to as the days start to cool down and get shorter?

Looks like August has two winners! Saturday begins the sale for Country Berry and Coconut cupcakes. 99 cents for each mini cupcake... no limit to order, just until the qty runs out! Happy shopping and hope you last days of summer are full of warm memories.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Coming Soon!

I just tried out the BEST bath product probably ever! Maybe Im stretching some, but this is sooo luxurious. Shea butter bath melts! I did a trial batch a few weeks ago and just used my first melt last night. It was wonderful! The shea is such a moisturizer and left my skin so soft. I use unrefined shea every day as a facial moisturizer, but shea melted into the hot water of the tub was different. This shea is refined and the advantage there is you cant smell the typical shea that is natural with the nut. It really allowed the fragrance oil to come out without any overpowering of the shea smell. I mixed the melted shea with my bath fizz, typical of the cupcakes, which is full of moisturizer itself- with coconut oil, cornstarch, dry milk, and epsom salts. The scent was birthday cake and boy did it stay with me after the bath. The shea melted slowly so the fizz lasted the entire LONG bath. When I was ready to towel off, I just took the remaining melt and used it as an exfoliant. All natural products mixed with your choice of scent. It will be up in Mugsy's Shoppe in a few weeks, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)